Benefits for Filmmakers

Payment For Your Film



Whether your film is short or feature length, you earn revenue for it on the Film Grove streaming channel. Film Grove has a profit sharing agreement with filmmakers where you earn money based on the number of views your film receives each quarter. The views are tabulated by an independent third party to ensure accuracy and fair reporting.

There are two separate profit sharing pools - one for short films and one for feature films. 

Cast and Crew Deferred Payment



Actors and crew members are reluctant to accept deferred payment because they feel they'll never actually get paid. Streaming channel revenue allows you to make the deferred payments to your cast and crew.

No Roadblocks for Filmmakers



Many streaming channels impose requirements that limit opportunities for new and emerging filmmakers. In contrast, Film Grove wants films from all filmmakers. We don't require that you have distribution deals or widespread releases for your films in the past. And we don't require content aggregators to accept your film for our channel.