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Film Grove is a streaming channel and online film festival. Our mission is to diversify the film and television industry by providing a platform for new and emerging filmmakers.

Film industry professionals are paid for their work. We compensate contributing filmmakers for the films based on the number of views received per quarter, as tabulated by Roku. Film Grove also pays the screeners who watch and review the films. 

Our Online Film Festival



Starting June 1, 2019, Film Grove will only accept short and feature film submissions for its streaming channel through the Film Grove Online Film Festival for films produced from 2014 to 2019. Summer 2019 submission dates are June 1 to July 31. Winter 2019 submission dates are November 1 to December 31.

Our Content



We showcase films for women. All films are written by, directed by, or staring women. We also show films about women's issues and films that focus on the female experience. 


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